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Guided Pilgrimage Easter Camino

THE EASTER CAMINO – Camino of St Theresa of Ávila – St Francis – Torres – PT Coastal & Central


days: 14

nights: 15

walking distance: 175 kilometers (110 miles)

value: 5.500 € per person in double occupancy rooms

single supplement: 1.550€

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March 17, 2024   Last 4 spots


This pilgrimage is an old dream brought to life: the sharing of the uniqueness of living a pilgrimage during the Easter period in Portugal and Spain with its genuine traditions, gastronomy and symbology.
We’ll get to know several UNESCO Heritage Sites like the amazing city of Salamanca, the Douro Valley Wine Region, the Sanctuary of Good Jesus in the city known as the Archbishops City Braga, and, of course, Santiago de Compostela!
We’ll be walking on the steps of St Theresa of Ávila, crossing the border to Portugal on the Way of Saint Francis of Assisi, enjoying the peace and quiet of the Camino Torres and, already on the Portuguese Coastal Camino, we’ll cross again the border to Spain on foot
Join us and live a Easter Season like you never experienced before!


  • 24 hours per day English-speaking guide assistance
  • 15 nights in stellar accommodations
  • 15 dinners and all breakfasts
  • 3 Guided Visits: Ávila, Salamanca and Santiago de Compostela
  • Support vehicle provided during the entire tour
  • Ground transportation
  • Luggage Transfer between accommodations during the walking tour
  • Mobile phones with Spanish line
  • Pilgrims Kit
  • Botafumeiro Ceremony
  • Photos of the entire Tour
  • Celebration Dinner

Airfare, insurance, tipping, extra nights and guided visits


The Easter Camino is walked during a 14 days and 15 nights period. The sunday night of arrival and dinner are included.
You should land in Madrid on sunday and fly back home on the saturday, 2 weeks after, because the Camino Pilgrimage ends after the friday’s night farewell dinner. High-speed trains from Santiago to Madrid are available, too.
If any doubts arise, please, let us know and although we don’t do airfare, we’ll be delighted to assist you in this matter. 

Arriving day – Madrid

We’ll meet at the lobby of our hotel in Madrid at 6 pm to have our Camino presentation and our first dinner together.

It’s the perfect moment to start sharing and tasting the unique local gastronomy and exquisite wines.

Accommodations in Madrid

DAY 1 – Madrid, Ávila and Salamanca

We’ll head first to the magnificent UNESCO Heritage city of Ávila and in a blink of an eye we’ll be surrounded by its 12th century walls. A local guide will join us here and in Salamanca: the Baroque Plaza Mayor, the 2 Cathedrals, the first University of Spain and the House of the Shells, will be explained to us on a very special guided visit.

Night in Salamanca

DAY 2 – Garciahernandez – Alba de Tormes – 10 km or 6 mi

We´ll leave our hotel in the morning direction Garciahernandez, to follow little Teresa´s steps from her cradle to her Basilic in Alba de Tormes. The trail will take us along the never ending Castilla, allowing us to fly to ancient times through the Mudejar art of its churches and castels. Our mind will fusion with the surroundings and all of our senses will be sharper on our arrival to the impressive Alba de Tormes.
A beautiful surprise wait for us, there..

Night in Ciudad Rodrigo

DAY 3 – Castiellejo de Dos Casas to Almeida – 14 km or 9 mi

From the tiny village of Castiellejo de Dos Casas, we’ll walk on the ancient Via Dalmacia, or Saint Francis of Assisi Way, because this was the path he took in 1214, on his way to Lisbon to take the boat that took him to Marroc. We’ll have the opportunity of crossing on foot the border to Portugal where our day will end in the Historical Village of Almeida, with an amazing and genuine fortress built in 1641 and with the shape of a star!!

Night in Trancoso

DAY 4 – Sernancelhe to Rua – 12 km or 8 mi

In the year of 1172, the Order of Malta ordered the church of Saint John the Baptist to be built in Sernancelhe, with its amazing romanesque temple and it is from here that we’ll start our journey. The aroma of pines, vineyards, and chestnut trees will embrace us on our way to Vila da Ponte to the Sanctuary of our Lady of the Necessities, where we’ll probably find one of the most amazing views over the Távora river. This is a noble sparkling wine region called Távora Varosa and, we must try it!

Night in Lamego

DAY 5 – Lamego to Peso da Régua – 13 km or 8 mi

Today, is a day that we’ll hardly forget. From Lamego, and the Baroque Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Remedies with amazing views over the city, we will start. Then, we’ll head to Régua, known as the heart of the Unesco Heritage Douro Valley Wine Region and from where the famous Port Wines were transported to the city of Porto. In 1756 this wine region became the first ever demarcated and controlled wine region of the World; and, it’s among these iconic vineyards of the enchanted Douro valley that we’ll walk today. But, be ready, because the surprises won’t end here!!!

Night in Braga

DAY 6 – Marinhas to Darque – 19 km or 12 mi

From the unique 18th century church of St Michael the Archangel, we will get to the bucolic scene at the bridge over the Rio Neiva, an iconic point considered one of the most beautiful sights of the Portuguese Coastal Camino. From Castelo do Neiva, we follow a majestic forest path to the quiet village of Darque, from which we first see the impressive Sanctuary of Santa Luzia.

Night in Viana do Castelo

DAY 7 – Carreço to Moledo – 15 km or 9 mi

The already familiar yellow arrows lead us to the small paradise of the Convento de Cabanas. It is a pastoral and romantic place with luxuriant vegetation, sparkling streams and old watermills. The surroundings are further embellished by scattered tiles inscribed with lovely poems. Following the river through a verdant forest we will head to Vila Praia de Ancora. With the blue of the sea on our left and already seeing Spain ahead, we’ll reach Moledo Beach.

Night in Viana do Castelo

DAY 8 – Caminha to Oia – 19 km or 12 mi

This is one of the most beautiful stages of our way! As in ancient times, we will cross the border between Portugal and Spain by boat! Once on Galician soil, we can enjoy one of the most impressive views of the day: a panorama of the Atlantic Ocean with the shorelines of both Portugal and Spain. Next, walking along the sea on dirt paths, we will arrive at our destination: the magnificent 12th century Monastery of Santa Maria de Oia.

Night in Vigo

DAY 9 – Vigo to Redondela – 19 km or 12 mi

Leaving Vigo for its old town, the Auga Traída trail will take us through leafy woods on dirt and asphalt roads. We will be rewarded by a flat path and superb views over the Vigo River and, to the North, the famous and beautiful Cíes Islands. After we leave the Baroque Chapel of St. Andres, we will reach Redondela and join with the Portuguese Central Way.

Night in Armenteira

DAY 10 – Armenteira to Vilanova de Arousa- 24 km or 15 mi

This is a day that we will be happy is a long one. We will have the time to savor the beauty of the indescribable Water and Stone Route. Here we will find magical forests of chestnut, oak and pine trees. The air is filled with freshness and the sounds of a peaceful brook enhanced by the splashing of small waterfalls. At this point, we will enter the region of the vineyards of the Rías Baixas, famous for its white wines which we will be sure to taste!

Night in Armenteira

DAY 11 – Padrón -Milladoiro – 17 km or 11 mi

We’ll be walking from the impressive Saint James Church of Padrón, where the boat the boat carrying the remains of Santiago to his beloved Galicia was tied. Another very important icon of this path is the Iria Flavia’s church, home of the Bishop who informed the King Alfonso II to the fact of having a Holy Man burried in his land opening the door to this incredible legend!!

Night in Milladoiro

DAY 12 –  Milladoiro – Santiago – 7,5 km or 5 mi

How special it is arriving on a pilgrimage in Santiago in the Good Friday? Very hard to put in words, indeed. The sounds of bagpipes will surround us while we enter the magnificent Santiago’s Cathedral to participate in the Pilgrim Mass and the amazing and moving ceremony of the Botafumeiro! During the afternoon we’ll live the Easter festivities and afterwards, we will enjoy a special dinner to celebrate the completion of our Camino pilgrimage…

Night in Santiago

DAY 13 – Santiago de Compostela

Today is a day to rest and enjoy our great and meaningful achievement, the camaraderie and, Santiago, of course! We’ll be able to see several amazing Easter processions and attend the Easter Mass after our walking tour around the city by the hand of our local guide. Free afternoon.

Night in Santiago

DAY 14 – Santiago de Compostela

Today is a free day! You can enjoy the Easter festivities all over Santiago, with the majestic and genuine processions and special celebrations.
When leaving Santiago behind, the words of Saramago will make more sense than ever: “The end of a journey is simply the start of another. You have to go back to the footsteps already taken, to go over them again or add fresh ones, alongside them. You have to start the journey anew. Always.”
Hoping that you have found what you need on this Pilgrimage, allow us to Thank You Very Much for the honor of sharing this special moment of life with us and, please, know how sincerely we hope we may one day meet again!

Night in Santiago

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