Camino de Santiago Guided Tours

Guided Tour Camino de la Reconquista

Guided Tour El Camino de la Reconquista


days: 14

nights: 13

walking distance: 171 kilometers (106 miles)

value: 3.800 € per person in double occupancy rooms

single supplement: 1.000 €

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From the ancestral Basque Country to the Infinite Cantabria, and from the Natural Paradise of Asturias to the Galicia of Santiago, along the Cantabrian Sea, we will sail to the 8th Century, following paths marked by unique symbols of our history. We will start in the Basque Country, along the North Way. Between the blue of the Cantabrian Sea and the green of the mountains we will enter the Lebaniego Way, crowned by the Lignun Crucis in the Monastery of Santo Toríbio de Liébana. From the Cathedral of the Savior, home of the Holy Shroud, in Oviedo, we will follow the Coastal Way to the mythical French Way, the jewel of the crown of the Jacobean Paths. A unique way, between the sea and the mountain, loaded with historical symbols and marked by unique and unforgettable flavors!


  • 24 hours per day English-speaking guide assistance
  • 13 nights in hand-picked accommodations
  • 14 dinnersandall breakfasts
  • 4 Guided Visits: Bilbao, Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela and Finisterra
  • Support vehicleprovided during the entire tour
  • Ground transportation
  • Luggage Transferbetween accommodations during the walking tour
  • Mobile phones with Spanish line
  • Pilgrims Kit
  • BotafumeiroCeremony
  • Photosof the entire Tour
  • Celebration Dinner


The Camino de la Reconquista is walked during a 14 day period.  We have divided the journey into days of similar length, and deliberately tried to leave the last day a bit shorter than the others so that we arrive in Santiago de Compostela with enough time and energy to get to stroll around town before our celebration dinner. Below is the city to city itinerary, but please note that specific hotels vary between dates and are therefore not published here.  They are provided at the time of booking, along with a more detailed schedule that you can share with your friends and families.

DAY 1 – Madrid – Burgos – San Sebastián

We begin our day in Madrid, meeting in the lobby of our hotel at 8:00 AM, ready to hop into our private van headed to majestic San Sebastian. Our first stop it will be at Burgos and after strolling around the amazing Cathedral and luch, we depart to San Sebastián, considered the most beautiful Spanish town, located between the mountains and facing the Cantabrian Sea.

Accommodations in San Sebastian

DAY 2 – San Sebastian – Aizperro – 8 km or 5 mi

Leaving from the unforgettable Playa de la Concha we head to Monte Igueldo where we’ll be rewarded with amazing views over San Sebastian and its bay. With the sea on our right and the mountains on our left, we cross beautiful rural paths where sheep, goats, horses and cows lazily graze. After reaching Aizperro, we head to Bilbao, home of the unmissable Guggenheim Bilbao Museum for a very special guided visit.

Accommodations in Bilbao

DAY 3 – Galizano – Santander – 10 km or 6.25 mi

We start walking from the emblematic Gothic Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asumpción, dating from the 16th century, in the lovely village of Galizano and head toward the sea. Surrounded by the sound of the waves and the seagulls, we walk along the shore and the sandy beach. A wonderful day to have your swimming suit on!  Like in the medieval times, we’ll take a barge and reach the magnificent Santander by sea…

Accommodations in Santillana del Mar

DAY 4 – Playa Luaña – Gerra – 16,5 km or 10 mi

From the beautiful Luaña Beach we head to Comillas, known in ancient times as the Archbishops Village, and home of the impressive Capricho de Gaudi, the whim of the amazing Catalan architect. In the beautiful old town of Comillas we find the impressive Church of San Cristobal, from the 17th century, built literally by the townspeople who, due to a confrontation with a Duke of the Infantado, put aside one day a week to work on this building.

Accommodations in Muñorrodero

DAY 5 – Pendes – Saint Toribio de Liébana Monastery – 10 km

Today is a very special day! From Pendes, known by their extraordinary goat cheese and their impressive centennial chestnut trees we’ll head to the fairy tale village of Potes. Founded in the 9th century, it’s a picturesque village built in stone, in the confluence of the Deva and the Quiviesa rivers is today considered Spanish Historical Heritage. 3 km ahead, is the Franciscan Monastery of Liébana, where the Lignum Crucis is held. After visiting this special place we’ll head to another: the unique Sanctuary of Covadonga, built in the mountain and where the Christian Reconquer started!

Accommodations in the Covadonga Sanctuary

DAY 6 – Covadonga Sanctuary – Oviedo – Sightseeing day

Today is a very special day!
The unique Sanctuary of Saint Maria La Real of Covadonga, built in the middle of huge mountains and where the Christian Reconquer started is beyond any description! It’s Neorromanic Basilica and the impressive church carved in the stone in the 8th Century, and over a beatifull waterfall and a lake, create a huge impact in all Pilgrims that visit it! It’s not only the most important religious site in Asturias: it’s where Spain was born!
We’ll end our day in Oviedo with a very special guided visit around the impressive old town.

Accommodations in Oviedo

DAY 7 – San Martin de Laspra – Soto del Barco – 12 km or 7.5 mi

We are in Asturias, the Natural Paradise and the land of the first Pilgrim of our history! From here, we head to San martin de Laspra and start walking from this Church to the San Martin Castle, built in the 9th century, where we’ll be able to savor amazing views over the river and the sea. Nearby, we find the charming Palace of the Madalena, in Soto del Barco. And, after our walk, before we head to our amazing Parador we have a beautiful surprise prepared… 

Accommodations in the Ribadeo Parador

DAY 8 – Vilela – Vila Nova de Lourenzá – 21 km or 13 mi

Galicia will receive us with open arms! The Camino leads us inland, where we will feel the sweet harmony between traditional rural villages, enchanted forest tracks and breathtaking views. The crown jewel of the day is the extraordinary Monastery of the Salvador, one of the most emblematic examples of the Galician baroque. With origins going back to the year 947, it was converted to a Benedictine Monastery in the 12th century. This is truly a day to enjoy every step of the way!

Accommodations in the Vilalba Parador

DAY 9 – Baamonde – Miraz – 15 km or 9.5 mi

After crossing the elegant gothic bridge over the Parga River we enter a magical oak forest where we find the unique San Alberte Chapel. Dating from the 14th century, this enchanted park invites us to a refreshing rest, after tasting the once believed to be miraculous waters flowing from the 2 pipe fount, constructed in the 18th century. Between ancient rural villages and beautiful forests, we reach Miraz, our goal of the day.

Accommodations in Melide

DAY 10 Sarria – Portomarin- 22.75 kms or 14.23 mi

Sarria is a small urban center on the Camino Frances and is the starting place of the largest number of pilgrims beginning their Camino. The Convent of the Magdalena is the door into enchanting forests of chestnut and oaks, areas of cultivation and prairies where we will see sheep and cows grazing peacefully. We cross a multitude of villages, proud of their churches, cruceros and hórreos and the mythical 100 km stone marker.

Accommodations in Portomarin

DAY 11 Portomarin – Palas de Rei – 25 km or 15.6 mi

Fortunately, a grove of oak and chestnut trees, eucalyptus, and golden grain fields urge us up the hill of San Roque. Magnificent Hórreos and precious Cruceros, enormous Centuries-old oaks, ruins of a pre-Roman ancient fortress, the Castro, unique Churches and the magnificent 12th century post-romanesque Monastery will mark our day. Legends of noble Knights of the Order of Santiago burried here, will be shared…

Accommodations in Palas de Rei

DAY 12 – Calle to Lavacolla – 20.7 km or 13.37 mi

We start the day on a cobbled road that leads us to a beautiful oak forest and into Boavista. We pass through Salceda, Xen, Ras, and Santa Irene, with its 18th century Chapel and legendary healing waters. Before arriving at Rúa, we will pass the largest eucalyptus on the Camino, flooding us with its fragrance, before arriving in Lavacolla, the ceremonial site of ancient rituals for pilgrims.

Accommodations in Calzada

DAY 13 – Lavacolla to Santiago de Compostela – 10 km or 6.3 mi

Today is bittersweet as it is our last day on the Camino. We walk a short way to the legendary Mount of Joy (Monte do Gozo) and visit the small Chapel of São Marcos. We enter Santiago by an ancient and well cared for medieval path that gradually morphs into the busy concrete streets of the modern city. The sounds of bagpipes welcome us to Obradoiro Square, opposite the impressive Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, into which we will enter to participate in the Pilgrim Mass and the extremely touching ceremony of the Botafumeiro!

Accommodations in Santiago de Compostela

DAY 14 – Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre

Santiago de Compostela is, in itself, a city rich in symbolism, secular and religious traditions, peculiar legends and spectacular architecture. In the morning we will be led by a local historian on a visit through the old parts of town to learn more about Santiago’s fascinating origins and traditions. After, we’ll have a wonderful lunch and a guided visit to the end of the World: Finisterre!! As our Camino journey ends, we will not say farewell. Instead, we will simply share with our sincere wishes that we will one day meet again.