Camino de Santiago Guided Tours




We have selected a combination of country manor houses, boutique hotels, and ancient monasteries that will serve as your night accommodations. You will be provided a high quality of service, comfortable rooms, and special locations. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms.


We have chosen the best locations for you to savor the distinct flavors of Spain with local ingredients, local recipes, and glorious wines. No – the food will not be too spicy!  All breakfasts and dinners are included with complimentary wine, beer, and sodas available at each dinner.


Ride to the starting point of each day’s walk and from the last point to your night’s accommodations in the comfort of a fully climate-controlled minibus.  At each day’s checkpoints, the bus will provide a supply of fresh water, fresh fruit, and healthy snacks. Tired? Ride the bus between checkpoints at will.


It’s your Camino, you are on vacation and set your own daily walking pace. We’ll be walking as well, so, you can choose a contemplative walk alone, a conversational walk with other pilgrims, or you are always welcome to hitch a ride with our support van driver if you prefer a break from walking. It is a time to relax and allow yourself to find your personal path and pace. We strongly suggest that our Pilgrims stop to smell the roses, have a drink in a café with a new friend and enjoy the real Camino de Santiago spirit. We’ll alway’s be there, for you!

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