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We haven’t changed our mission motto since 2015: “… to keep this ancient path and culture alive for future generations.”. We are, as a Company and as Human Beings, highly committed to be part of the solutions required in these challenging times. To keep on sharing this wonder of humanity, with its natural, historical and cultural heritage, we need to go beyond sustainability and do everything in our power to minimize our carbon impact, to support charity and the local economies. That’s why we are investing to get a Sustainability Certification provided by to improve our sustainability actions on the terrain and, right now, to measure our carbon footprint and compensate it in several ways.


Sharing is central to the Camino experience. During this pandemic Utreia y Suseia was honored to contribute to several projects throughout Spain to support small business. They hold the essence of the Camino for ages and now is more needed than ever.

Walking for causes: you’ll be able to choose a cause to walk for every day.

Supporting local business and economy: We always have lunch on the Camino, choosing traditional places with local recipies and local farming products.

Proximity economyWe always look for accommodations near the trail and normally places with respect for the circular economy.

Reusable water containers

We provide reusable water containers for all pilgrims on our tours, reducing the environmental hazard of disposable water containers on local communities along the way.

Paper use

We only work with recycled paper, we don’t use paper brochures, in order to minimize the consumption of natural resources and reduce the amount of waste delivered to landfill. Plus, the documents given in our Pilgrimages, are going to be reused in the next pilgrimage, for the following Pilgrim, in order to minimize the amount of paper needed.

Carbon free Pilgrimage

We’ll plant enough trees to cover your trip’s carbon footprint. We work with an environmental consulting company to determine the amount of carbon created by each person on his trip and we’ll be compensating it with the planting of trees and other actions. The bus used on your pilgrimage has the most developed motor technology and the company is getting a sustainable certification, as well.

Those who choose to walk a Camino de Santiago with us will be making part of the solution and leaving behind a footprint of hope to be seen and felt by the generations to come!

Want to help us to create a more just, fair and prosper World? Walk with Love!

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